Microbed gardening

This was a project in the Hope Valley in 2010 run by Bakewell & District Organic gardeners. It showed participants how to grow fruit & veg in small plots. We aim is to relaunch the project for the 2021 season supported by an online training session and safe visits to a demonstration gardens. More to follow.

Microbed gardens

Not everybody has access to a large garden or the ability to take on an allotment. Microbed gardens show that it is possible to grow significant amounts of food in small spaces by using intensive planting techniques and good crop management. The idea grew out of Square Foot Gardening which was popular in the US in the 1990s.

Continuing trials have proved it is possible to get high yields from metre square raised beds e.g. 9kg of onions, 9kg of carrots and 9kg of runner beans. Trials this year produced the equivalent of 14.5 kg of potatoes from just a square metre. Find out how to grow bumper crops in small spaces, or using the methods to get more produce from a large garden, by joining this workshop.

Microbed1, Thursday 7 January 2021 at 7.30pm Please email us to register your interest.