Food growing survey results

Here are the results of the food growing survey. There were 32 forms returned which is around 10%, the average for this type of survey.


Q10 Is there anything else you would like to add? Please include an email for follow up.

(Please note: the comments have been edited and the email address removed to protect the identity of the respondents.)

  1. We have space in our garden we have never managed to get on top of so if someone wanted to use it that would be good but I do have children and would want to make sure they were safe.
  2. In the past at previous address we grew lots of veg. Maybe share my allotment but would not share my garden.
  3. What is the aim of the group- what actions are you intending to take on receipt of this feedback?
  4.  Will there be an update?
  5. Thanks I really appreciate you doing the survey and reaching out to ask these questions. I now have a small garden and would like an allotment as indicated and I’m willing to consider all options sharing/not sharing- depends on what this means.