Current projects

Edible Eyam
In 2019 members of the group visited Incredible Edible Todmorden. We decided to join the project and received an Action Grant from Derbyshire County Council for growing edible plants around the village. The project was been delayed by Covid-19 but not before we planted four apple trees on the wall behind the Sheep Roast. Some troughs have also been planted with herbs and edible plants and work will continue when it is safe to do so.

In 2019 the group received funding from Derbyshire Dales District Council to start a composting project with the aim of reducing the amount of grass and other green waste from the church yard. The project will also demonstrate home composting as a way of processing kitchen and garden waste. The project is ongoing and we are currently looking for funding to expand the project. This is a crucial part of transitioning to zero waste.

Why composting? Because applying well made compost to soil not only locks up atmospheric carbon it also reduces or eliminates the need for artificial fertilisers.

Food growing survey  – Click here to see results
The group has received requests to explore the provision of more allotment space in the village and the possibility of having a community garden and orchard. The survey will give us more information about what is needed.

Update 19 October 2020. The results are out see this page. Now we need to decide what to do next, if you have any ideas please email us.

Micro bed gardening
This was a project in the Hope Valley in 2010 run by Bakewell & District Organic gardeners. It showed participants how to grow fruit & veg in small plots. We aim is to relaunch the project for the 2021 season supported by an online training, information session and safe visits to a demonstration gardens. More to follow.