First compost bin filled

After a spontaneous work party (Lynn, Nick and Colin) on 29 September 2020 the first compost bin is filled and active. The idea was to tidy up the area in front of the bins but ended up producing enough grass, hay, and nettles to make compost.

The grass in the central area of the Churchyard has not been cut this year due to Covid-19 so it grew well and is now part grass and part dried grass or hay. It looked like it would be a good mix of greens and browns which would compost well.

Using the push along strimmer (Thanks Nick!) an area was cut, raked, and piled. The bin was filled wetting the grass/hay mix as it was added. The next day the contents did not heat up most likely because the grass was too long and did not pack down enough.

After emptying the bin, shredding the contents, and adding shredded nettles the temperature went from 21C to 43C in 24 hours showing it was active.

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